Suchdol sports hall

New sport hall Prague Suchdol

Invited competition – Finalist
Prague – Suchdol, Czech republic
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlicka in collaboration with Kristina Richter Adamson and Jiri Richter

The new sport hall for elementary school in Prague-Suchdol is located in a very complex urban area. The main challenge lies in connecting the new hall with the existing school building, which also includes a glasshouse and an outdoor football field.
A PLINTH The proposal generates a plinth that not only connects the existing corridor but also
the whole area, by adding functional spots as: an outdoor tribune to watch sport or social events, changing rooms, a storage room for outdoor playgrounds, a children’s outdoor corner, entrance to the football field and direct connection to the Sokol House. The upper part of the plinth is a walk-in, a complementary tribune with additional space for observing outdoor activities. CONTINUITY The volume of the new multifunctional hall is in set in the existing terrain slope, going from the street “Za Sokolovnou” down to the campus. Thanks to a raised blackout block, the transparency of the building from the street preserve pedestrian perspectives. The main visual element of the sporthall is his primary structure, which is lifted above a pedestal of glass, to provide natural light but also a continuity of flows and views. A vertical block connects all the floors of the sporthall, including the modular roof
platform which can host various social events , sport events of the clubs, performances, games, cinema-conferences. The lobby consists of a reception area, a small bar, a sitting area and a playground, all occupied while the sport events take place.