60 housing Ostrava

Ostrava, Czech republic
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlicka, Pedro Sanchéz, Dimitrij Kaspicki, Lenka Homolková

The new building of the Kostelní – Biskupská in Ostrava closes the existing courtyard in the historical part of the city and also completes the street line along Biskupská Street. URBAN LINK The collector block is preserved in his function of technical maintenance but participates to the active entrance area, which is conceived as a social and meeting space for the inhabitants. Furthermore the big opening on the main housing volume, created around the technical block, provides a visual connection between the street and the private courtyard and adds some public activities. READABLE GRID The building is designed as a concrete skeleton with two underground floors for car parking and six above-ground floors.
On the exterior facade, each unit, which corresponds to a room or the width of a whole bioriented apartment, is clearly readable and benefits from a generous natural light, as the facades are northeast and southeast oriented. INTIMATE COURTYARD The interior facades are alternatively made of blind and transparent panels, offering intimacy but enough light. Continuous balconies provide large extensions of the apartment towards the green courtyard.