New Congress center Prague 4

International competition
Prague, Czech republic
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlicka, Juan-Pablo Navaja, Ludovic Cruchot, Marianne Loupet

The main objective of the masterplan is to regive this large piece of land to the citizens, by making a new quality of living, an easy accessible place attractive by its activities, its large range of events. The south area of the KCP is today
percieved as a backside facade dedicated to logisitic and car traffic supported by an oversized infrastructure. The masterplan proposes to reduce the car space by simplifying the car flow scheme and create a new qualitative area. The roundabout is replaced by a main road going West to East. NEW URBAN PROGRAM The design proposal consists also of offering defined functions to attract people to a lively place related to the KCP functionality: outdoor exhibition, recreational area, cafe restaurant, sport grounds, green land, panoramic tribune, outdoor cinema, running track. ICONIC PAVILION The proposal provides a new strong identity for the KCP. On one hand the pavilion has its own singularity but on the other hand it is a true continuity of the KCP by prolonging the central spaces from the ground to the 3rd floor. The volume is formed by two wings spaces which give the possibility to respond to the multiplicity of required uses, in terms of volume and free height up to 16m. A central FOYER connects the pavilion to the existing KCP providing a large and generous space, dedicated to informal talks and presentations or small meetings. The MEGAFLOOR is organized by a free plan for all the different functions: exhibitions, meeting and conferences rooms, gala and dinner halls. Utilities and services areas are considered as objects – technical cores – part of the exhibitions halls, easing the fow and giving more visual connections.