Mnichovo Hradiste

Masaryk square Mnichovo Hradiste

Competition – Finalist
Mnichovo Hradiste, Czech republic
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlicka, Lenka Homolková

Masaryk Square is the central cultural, transport and also social center of daily life in Mnichovo Hradiště. It has always been an important crossing of
roads and connections with nearby villages. With the increase of car transport in the 20th century the square became less and less accessible for the pedestrians. At the begining carts, later cars and buses made the space dangerous and non-comfortable for the pedestrians. The square was divided in several segments, leaving the inner part, where the Town Hall is located, very isolated. The main issue was how to give back the square its historcial integrity and continuity. CONCENTRIC PLAZA By an emblematic offset connection from the external perimeter towards the inner one, the project gives back the square entirely to the pedestrians, and restores the figure of the Town Hall. The public space is activated by different
activities along the concentric system. The paths for buses and cars are redefined clearly on the outside perimeter and have a size corresponding to a reduced traffic.