Errebal Plaza Eibar

International Competition
Eibar, Spain
Alvaro García Mendive, Jan Kudlicka  in collaboration with Kilometrezero

The Errebal Plaza is singular, both formal and functional, with a powerful triangular morphology, connecting neighborhoods and streets at different heights. The design strategy is to preserve and enhance these singularities. TRIANGULAR SYSTEM The principle of “Trencadís” is applied to the plaza, so the triangular site is subdivided into small pieces, in order to preserve the original formal essence of the plaza. A specific function is assigned to each small triangular plaza. By a slight variation of height, the platforms are inclined but all connected to provide an accessible plaza to everybody. At some part, the triangular ramps are lifted enough to host a building underneath. Also the upper and lower part of the neighbourhood are linked by this thorough system of ramps.