Dolni Mecholupy

High School Dolni Mecholupy

Prague – Dolni Mecholupy, Czech republic
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlicka
In collaboration with Anagram A-U (Marina Kounavi)

The basis of the design of the new school was to find the most compact solution possible, which would include all sub-buildings, the Kindergarten, Primary School and Sports hall. Due to the fact that an important part of the program is intended with the possibility of being accessible to the public, we located most of these spaces on the ground floor. Volume therefore has two main parts. The ground floor with a maximum of openings and connections to the exterior and then the teaching part of the school which is generally inaccessible to the public. When designing the teaching space, we based the concept in order to achieve maximum visual and communication interconnection across individual classes and steps towards the interior and at the same time to achieve the best possible contact of each class with the exterior. Contact in the interior gave rise to a central atrium, which at the entrance to the building connects all spaces and presents the school as an object full of movement and life and gives space for social contact and security. Towards the outside, the classrooms are designed as a system of cascading terraces, thanks to which pupils in each class have the opportunity to stay and move outside during breaks, outdoor lessons and also smaller sports activities without having to leave the building. On the ground floor, the Kindergarten and the 1st grade group have their own recreational areas also for outdoor activities.