Baltic Circle

Baltic Circle Art Park Pärnu

International competition
Pärnu, Estonia
Alvaro García Mendive, Jan Kudlicka in collaboration with Kilometrezero

The Baltic Sea is a 377,000km2 surface of water and thousands of years of history and cultural exchange around. Baltic Sea Art Park is a continuation, a narrowing of these common ties among the countries bathed by its coast. ART PARK The proposal is based on a simple but effective operation: keeping the existing trees and promoting the planting of new ones. The Art Park consists of a filter between the city and the coast.
Activators at the intersection of the paths are redefining the functions of the entire area. LAND BUILDING On the boundary between land and water lays the “Baltic Circle”, mixing terrestrial and marine uses. The roof of the building is a veritable promenade to relax and enjoy sunny days. Also the inside pool is used either as a swimming pool in summer either as an ice rink in winter.