BVV Brno

New Fair BVV Brno

International competition
Brno, Czech republic
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlicka and De Gayardon Bureau: Sara Angelini, Alessio Valmori, Gemma Galassi, Matteo Manelli

The key of the proposal is to create a highly flexible territory, by adding functions and activities that would permanently attract new inhabitants to the area. Housing, offices, education, studios, workshops, culture, entertainment, greenery, making the area part of the existing morphology. At first the project proposes to place the heavy traffic partly underground, in a tunnel. NEW URBAN PROGRAM The area of exhibitions and fairs is divided into 3 zones: the original representative pavilions of the last century, the recently built buildings that correspond to the modern exhibitions and finally the future spaces that will be very flexible for their polyfunctionality, they are called hybrids. NEW FAIR BVV BRNO HYBRIDS The entire future expansion of the exhibition space is concentrated in the western part with one large base that allows maximum flexibility and has a great access for supply and logistics. In the southern part of the area is the Riviera, where are the storage and operating areas with excellent logistical connection to the exhibition core of the trade fairs, located at the base of polyfunctional blocks. THE LOOP The Loop combines not only important buildings, but also the existing urban structure to smaller sports or cultural activities, which are used for recreation continuously during exhibitions.